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thnx for your kindness


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thnx for your kindness. onest i'm surpised by two things. first: by how good looking cars u have and how rich is the forum, and second by how I never thought that in bulgaria could be so many skoda "lovers". Silly me :roll:


ok that being said, could anybody tell me if i can find a windshield for rapid there? :evil: :lol:


Thnx again

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Hi again!


I'm happy you like this place.


Now about your Rapid: First of all could you place a new post in the forum and to let us learn more about you and your Rapid?


Regarding windshield: I have but how to meet each other?

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There are two ways to buy ws for Rapid:

From me, it's a second hand one (ofcourse)

I can order a brand new one via "Cobra Glass" in Varna of turkish origin.


The second hand ws will cost EUR 40.-, the brand new one is about EUR80.-


You choose!


Regards / Miro

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sdandrei, welcome in our forum! It will be interestingly to tell us about your skodas. Do you have many old skodas in Romania? When we traveled to Constanca we only see a Skoda 130 and some skodas from the new generation. We also saw a blue Octavia RS :D


Regards- Mitko.

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yes we have a lot of old skoda. most of them are on dying. a lot of 120L and 100s. Few 1000mb,130 and rapid.

The skoda movment is weak here. We are some young enthusiasmed guys in whole country but we are a small number compeared with old VW fans.

Anyway who love Skoda first time, will love it forever. Me I got the first one 9 years ago. 120 L '79. I don't have many pictures with it. Was orange,a lot of rust on floor, but she impressed me cause she started from first after 2 years of dereliction. She was beside me for 8 years when after a small accident i decided to give it to a program "a old car for a new one". But before I give it to scrap I took almost everything from it and put it to a good Skoda 120 L'78 body, without rust and damages.

So a new car was born.








But this red one has last just few months till I had an ugly crash. Could not be fixed so I bought another Skoda. This time is a Rapid 130 but in a very very bad shape. A lot of rust and some damages at the body made determinated me to make a capital rebuild. So in the present I'm working on it and the progress can be seen here: http://www.skodafriends.3x.ro/forum/vie ... hp?tid=278


I got some pictures with it from the moment I bought it.














So for the moment that's it. Sorry for long post.

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sdandrei, first of all, welcome to Skoda Forum Bulgaria :) .I`m glad, that finally we have got international presence in our forum.


I really liked your cars, especially the red 120 L, which unfortunately you had crashed. I also think, that after you finish the restoration of the 130 Rapid, it will be one great looking classic Skoda :) .


Best wishes, Georgi.



P.S. Sorry if there are some mistakes in my comment :oops:

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Hi, guys! And welcome! ;)


saboteur, the blue Estelle is cool. Especially the rims! ;) They are from BMW 3 Series,right?


BV88AVE, you are right. Your car is in pretty good condition, I like it.


Both of you, would you mind if you tell something about your Skodas?


Best wishes Georgi. :)

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So my Skoda is in the family from 24 april 1979 when my grandfather bought it from the local dealer (even today he keeps the bill with he bought the car). The car was used by my grandfather till 2001 only at long roads (when the whole family went to sea side or in the mountains) and the rest of time was kept in the garrage and from 2001 and 2005 it stayed unmoved in front of the house. Since 2005 I drive it every day and I can say it like my best friend for me. My only problem with it is that I can't find new cromed bumpers and cromed trims(that are on the roof and on the threshold)

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BV88AVE , тhe story of my car is simmilar to your`s :) . The little difference is that my Skoda is produced in 1966 :mrgreen: . If you want you can write me via Skype or ICQ ;) .

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yes GOGATA could you give me your Skype adress , mine is andrei_caluser , I'm online almoust all day long. 1000MB is a very nice car , my granfather had one befor he got his Estelle but he sold it in 1992 and even now he regrets , because he consider that MB was a greater car then 120 but I hope I can find one that hadn't been damaged in any car accident (damaged and repaired) because it doesn't and feel like one that it never had been crushed

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The tale lights are made at a local workshop from plexiglass.It cost's me about 25 euros. I intend now to use for rapid 4 round tale lights similar with ones from fiat 850. but right now is so far that moment :)


@gogata: who cares about some little mistakes, the joy of finding new friends is much bigger. :)

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Hey, I just wanna join to my friends and say "Hi neighbours and welcome!" I have already friend from your country. We have a lot of fun, drinking and visiting a number of Rock concerts together. So, when we meet each other - I already know - there'll be a bunch of empty bottles and fun times! Let's rock!!!

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Hi BV88AVE and welcome.


What you mean by "roads are not safe"? No problem with the roads. You have to be careful only in the towns because there are some holes. And of cource to be careful with the speed limits. The police here really loves speeding foreigners :mrgreen: BTW it is the same story in whole eastern europe...


Best Regards,


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Well, well - let's see what's happening here :D

At the beginning when somebody suggested to have in our forum "a foreign section", i was a bit doubtful it would work. But now we have already 3 new foreign friends! :smt005 guys and i wish u to have pleasant and useful time, visiting us!


Since our site http://skodaclub-bg.org/site is still under construction, there's no English version yet. But soon i believe u could read some news about it. Regarding this i would like to ask u, if someone of u guys, has some technical literature, maintenance or user manuals, so on, please let me know. I promise, very soon in our site u could find many docs in Bulgarian, English, Russian, French, Czech and German for 100,105,110,120,130,....1000MB, Favorit, Felicia, Fabia, Octavia, Superb. So - let's exchange some knowledge ;)

PS: I'd like to come to the MAden concert, but woulkdn't be able to :cry:

According road taxes: yes, u should buy yourself so called "vignette" - it's on sale at almost every gas station. I prefer buying the from LUKOIL or OMV stations. The vignettes are weekly, monthly and yearly ones. The prise for foreigners is 34 EUR - yearly and 13 EUR for monthly one. You could buy it at the cross-point and u must have it to drive between the towns.

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